Webinar: The Future of eCommerce Security with Lea Tarnowski @Money 20/20

Posted by Averon on Oct 23, 2018 4:04:00 PM
Rapidly expanding ecommerce has generated huge volumes of money flows in online channels. Increasingly, online transactions are shifting to mobile ecommerce. This has resulted in a heightened risk of hacking of mobile transactions, and a cybersecurity response of increasingly cumbersome authentication methods. At the same time, consumers are frustrated by current methods of authentication, and cart abandonment on mobile has skyrocketed to 86 percent of carts. So, what is the future of ecommerce security? Is it possible to provide a balance of strong security and a better user experience that is conducive to the continued growth of ecommerce? Watch this interview with Lea Tarnowski, COO of Averon, live from Money20/20 in Las Vegas, where she discusses:

  • Flaws in current methods of authentication
  • What an ideal authentication process looks like for consumer-based websites
  • The future of ecommerce security
  • The state of identity verification in mobile commerce today
  • The biggest friction points for users looking to make a payment online



Topics: security

Webinar: Improving the Payments Experience – Platforms, Infrastructure and Beyond @Money 20/20

Posted by Averon on Oct 23, 2018 3:40:00 PM
Watch this panel streamed directly from Money20/20 in Las Vegas. Averon Chief Product Officer Tom Green joined a discussion about improving the online payment experience and shared his insight on how next generation authentication can streamline the ecommerce experience, eliminate logins and passwords, and optimize customer journeys toward purchase. He shared his thoughts on why identity authentication is at an inflection point, what the perfect intersection of cybersecurity and customer experience should look like, and a five-year look-ahead on the user experience.
 IMG_3414 2 (1) (1)
Lance Homer, Global Head of Strategy for Electronic Payments, Equinix

Tom Green, Chief Product Officer, Averon
Mihail Duta, Head of Product Management, US Payments, Finastra

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Challenges of enabling a successful omnichannel payment ecosystem
  • Platforms, APIs, and infrastructure
  • Are we getting closer to a cashless society?
  • Optimizing the ecommerce experience
  • The importance of payment security
  • Mobile, cross-border, and contactless payments
  • Next generation commerce and retail


Topics: security

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