Seamless Mobile Authentication

– fully integrated with Okta


Averon’s patented Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®) technology is an identity platform that uses real-time mobile network signaling to deliver ultra-secure, frictionless mobile authentications without passwords, login IDs or one-time codes.

Averon's DAA® is now fully integrated with Okta. Through our integration, Okta clients can now deliver a more secure and seamless mobile e-commerce experience while expediting customers through their mobile purchasing journey.  

When businesses integrate Averon with Okta, they can provide 100% secure and seamless user experiences.

  • 100% frictionless for improved user engagement
  • Replaces unsecure legacy methods like SMS, app downloads & email codes
  • Eliminates password hacks, reduces fraud & securely manages user access
  • Uses mobile SIM as the source of trust


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Press Release

Averon Announces Integration of Okta and Direct Autonomous Authentication® Technology - read our press release.


Next Steps?

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