Join this live panel streamed directly from Money20/20 in Las Vegas. Averon COO Lea Tarnowski will join a discussion about improving the online payment experience and share his insight on how next generation authentication can streamline the ecommerce experience, eliminate logins and passwords, and optimize customer journeys toward purchase. He’ll share his thoughts on why identity authentication is at an inflection point, what the perfect intersection of cybersecurity and customer experience should look like, and a five-year look-ahead on the user experience. Topics covered in the webinar will include:

  • Challenges of enabling a successful omnichannel payment ecosystem
  • Platforms, APIs, and infrastructure
  • Are we getting closer to a cashless society?
  • Optimizing the ecommerce experience
  • The importance of payment security
  • Mobile, cross-border, and contactless payments
  • Next generation commerce and retail

Please also join Lea in a live interview focused on the future of ecommerce security.