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Posted by Averon on Mar 2, 2019 11:27:31 AM

Averon’s team thrives on creativity, and Taro provides the cohesive leadership that brings together our collective imaginations to make Averon shine. 

His wide range of successes include writing a series of New York Times best-selling books on Eastern wisdom that have been published in seven languages and sold more than two million copies (including Living Wabi Sabi and Open Your Mind, Open Your Life); a popular music career as a singer-songwriter in Japan; and cofounding transformative tech startups in California such as eVoice (acquired by AOL) and Teleo (acquired by Microsoft).

Taro earned the distinction of becoming the first American man to graduate from Soka University of Tokyo, where he studied economics, psychology and philosophy, graduating summa cum laude. His postgraduate education included international relations at the University of Salamanca in Spain, and computer graphics and graphic design at UCLA.

A lifelong vegan, he enjoys practicing yoga, meditating daily, and volunteering for humanitarian and animal welfare charities. He is a frequent speaker, participant and local leader in communities including DLD Munich and Tel Aviv, Burning Man, and the SGI-USA.

Taro’s philanthropic efforts include the private sponsorship of underprivileged students in the US and South America, and he’s a proud founding supporter of The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention among America’s youth.

Mark Herschberg

Posted by Averon on Jan 7, 2019 4:18:11 PM

Mark "Hershey" Herschberg is the CTO of Averon. He is a cryptographer, university instructor, and champion ballroom dancer. Hershey chairs the IEEE standards committee on HTTPSi and serves on the board of TechieYouth.

After graduating from MIT with degrees in physics and EE/CS, he then continued his graduate work at MIT on cryptography. His master’s thesis, “Secure Electronic Voting over the World Wide Web,” created the first online voting system. He subsequently worked in Fortune 500s and startups to track down cybercriminals, terrorists and extremists on the dark web.

Hershey's range of other work includes big data tools, lead generation, media, enterprise mobile platforms, and he was brought in as the turn-around technical lead on an NBC business unit that was relaunched as Hulu. A part time academic, he has taught at MIT for almost two decades where he helped create MIT’s seminal Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program. He also created the Dynamic Markets course at Harvard Business School, he annually lectures at NYU, USC and elsewhere, and he enjoys speaking regularly on cybersecurity, technology, and entrepreneurship at conferences around the world.

Although now retired from dance competitions, Hershey was a top, nationally-ranked ballroom dancer. He is passionate about helping others improve their personal and professional efficacy and for many years has been an active volunteer with Streetwise Partners, Futures & Options, TapRoot, and has successfully helped run CodeRanch for nearly a decade.

Tom Green

Posted by Averon on Jan 7, 2019 4:17:25 PM

Tom Green is Averon’s Chief Product Officer. Tom began his professional career at Capital One, where he held a series of strategic analyst roles and was recognized for developing innovations in consumer financial products.

As a Vice President at Lending Club, he led various departments including Strategy, Communications, and Small Business, and successfully helped take the company public. Tom has extensive experience advising technology companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s, both as a Principal at Bain & Company and in private practice.

He enjoys speaking publicly on a range of subjects including innovations in FinTech and financial services, small business lending, and cutting-edge authentication technologies.

Tom holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and earned a BA (Hons) in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford. He was born in the U.K. and currently lives in San Francisco.

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Lea Tarnowski

Posted by Averon on Dec 5, 2018 8:50:00 AM


Lea Tarnowski is the COO, president and co-founder of Averon. Lea has deep cross-domain experience as an accomplished investor in mobile, FinTech and consumer internet. She is a Harvard Business School graduate, a Kauffman Fellow, and holds MSc degrees from Stockholm School of Economics and HEC Paris. Lea has bridged financial services experience with technology leadership and is recognized for her distinguished leadership and inspiring work in making a positive impact in the financial services industry.  She was recently named a finalist in the Banking Technology Awards’ Woman in Technology Leadership category as one of two ‘Highly Commended’ nominees among a field of thirteen extraordinary global executives.  In early 2019, Lea was invited to join the Forbes Technology Council.

Lea’s career began with investment banking and private equity at Morgan Stanley, where she worked as chief of staff to the president, and also worked as an associate at McKinsey & Company. She has spent much of the last decade investing in technology companies at one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds, Northzone. While an investment director at Northzone, Lea focused on the FinTech, mobile and marketplace sectors, and led investments in companies such as Artfinder, Trust Pilot, and iZettle (acquired by Paypal for $2.2B).  

Lea enjoys participating in the World Economic Forum (WEF) community and often represents Averon at WEF gatherings at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond, speaking on topics related to product design, cybersecurity and creating a safer, happier digital world. She has served on a variety of corporate boards as well as the Board of SVCA, the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. She is an active mentor at various accelerators and a Hybrid Reality Fellow. Lea has also enjoyed serving as a board member, advisor and angel investor, with a portfolio including Zetsy, Boosterfuels, and Qapital among others.  

Passionate about building mission-driven communities, including fostering trust in the digital world and mentoring women in technology, Lea is also a lifelong health enthusiast and continually exploring new paths in nutrition, fitness and performance hacking. Lea was born in Croatia, where she enjoyed most of her childhood, and later moved to Sweden, the UK and USA. Today, she happily resides with her family in San Francisco, where her rambunctious young daughter keeps her smiling bright every day.



Wendell Brown

Posted by Averon on Nov 22, 2018 1:47:01 AM

Wendell Brown is the CEO, Chairman and co-founder of Averon. He is a prolific innovator whose creative triumphs include building a global VoIP solution (acquired by Microsoft), founding America’s largest online voicemail platform solution (acquired by AOL), and co-founding Liveops, America’s largest virtual work-at-home call center (honored by the White House in 2010), all of which contribute to the advancement of technology and betterment of society.  

Wendell is proud of his unique blend of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and West Virginia roots, where his family tree dates back to the Mayflower era. After enjoying his upbringing in the northernmost Appalachian town of Oneonta, he attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Wendell then followed his dreams to Silicon Valley, initially gaining success as a popular video game designer (including blockbuster hits such as Star WarsBeauty & The Beast, and Nova Blast) and soon thereafter he created the first C-compiler for Mac.  

Later, as the creator of one of the world’s first mass-market cybersecurity products, WalkSoftly (acquired by Intel), then as a pioneer of work-at-home call centers (Liveops), which greatly increase employment opportunities for veterans and workers with disabilities, and today as the leader of Averon, Wendell’s innovations continue to empower and improve the lives of countless people around the world.  He enjoys participating as a speaker, tech judge and advisor in a wide range of communities including the World Economic Forum, DLD Munich & Tel Aviv, XPRIZE, Burning Man, TED, the MITA Tech Talks and more.  

Wendell is a licensed private pilot, and has been active in the development of new airplane and electric vehicle designs.  A strong believer in giving back, he's created scholarships for underprivileged students, and is a proud founding member of the Human Rights Campaign.  In his (rare) spare time, Wendell enjoys international explorations, having visited more than 30 countries as of 2019, and spending quality time at home with his treasured family including beloved Italian greyhound, Magic.

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