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Our Mission is to help the entire digital world Be Authentic™


Averon’s innovation was born from struggle when our founder had difficulty signing up for and logging into his accounts on mobile devices. Time after time, he found frustration on his mobile phone: Despite its secure hardware on a network that securely recognized him, he still had to jump through security cycle hoops like resetting passwords and processing SMS codes.

At Averon, we started by seeking ways to solve these problems and relieve user frustration with status quo authentication methods while providing even better security. We created a revolutionary new technology that eliminates logins and passwords and enables us all to move easily and safely around the internet.

Today, doing anything online requires excessive friction for businesses, both for employees and customers. Traditional authentication processes, like passwords and SMS codes, have increased friction and still aren’t keeping us safe. The result – frustration and resistance among users and lost revenues when the customer experience is inconvenient.

The intersection of our team’s expertise in online security and telecommunications led us to the development of a never-before-seen authentication technology that’s both ultra-secure and completely frictionless: Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®), requires zero effort by users and is live today on all US carriers.

We envision a world where we can all move safely and easily around the internet with zero friction and maximum trust. Join us in our mission to restore sanity in online identity.

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