Be Authentic Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA)

The world's only fully-automated mobile security solution, Averon seamlessly integrates with all mobile devices with zero effort by users. Zero downloads, zero apps.

Direct Autonomous
Authentication (DAA)

Our revolutionary DAA solution provides instant, frictionless authentication that's the world's easiest, fastest and most secure identity verification solution. Zero downloads, zero apps.

Lock / Unlock

Averon's ultra-secure identity authentication protects digital locks for home, auto, and tech. Say goodbye to physical keys and never worry about losing control of digital 'keys' to any lock again.

Averon provides authentication solutions for many verticals:

Banking & Fintech

Our FinTech validation solutions eliminate fraudulent activity for credit cards

Our blockchain solutions integrate seamlessly for any blockchain-related transactions and validations

Smart Vehicles

Easily prevent hackers from taking over your car

Ultra-secure vehicle access from mobile devices / verify out-of-band proximity


Instantly form-fill purchases; never type your data again

Automatically and invisibly prevent fraudulent activity with zero effort by end users

Smart Locks & IoT

Averon helps authenticate your digital locks for home, auto, and tech.

The safest, easiest way to secure access to connected devices: front doors, routers, NEST, connected cars, and more.

Online Accounts

Hassle-free authentication, beyond 2-factor codes and legacy username / passwords

Our Mission

To help the entire digital world
Be Authentic

Our Story

We started by seeking better ways to bring authenticity to security, and soon found our expertise gave rise to a revolutionary new solution: Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA), the world's only fully-automated mobile security platform. Our DAA technology requires zero effort by users and is live today on all US carriers. Join us in our mission to help the digital world
Be Authentic.

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Chief Executive Officer

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COO & President

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Chief Creative Officer

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Chief Data Scientist

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Chief Revenue Officer

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Dir. of Operations & Finance

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Growth Manager

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Business Development

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Dir. of Solutions Engineering

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