Unlock the Digital Key Your Customers Carry (their SIM)

Averon's technology unlocks digital identity for mobile customers so they can be instantly welcomed. 


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Delight your customers, grow your online revenues

Direct Autonomous Authentication

Mobile Digital Identity

Instantly verify mobile customers and provide stronger authentication using proven mobile network signalling. You’ll eliminate login IDs, passwords and one-time codes and protect against fraud, chargebacks and data breach risk.

Lock / Unlock Solution

Grow Online Revenues

Customers expect to be welcomed in but instead feel like the door has slammed.  Give mobile customers a frictionless experience that welcomes them in the moment they start engaging with your brand. You'll delight them, speed them through their journey and accelerate your online revenue.

Averon improves mobile customer experience and security for many verticals


Increase online revenue with effortless logins, create new accounts instantly with mobile device number, form-fill personal data instantly for checkouts. Protect consumer privacy, eliminate user IDs & passwords, protect from data breaches. Read our White Paper.

Online Subscriptions

Reduce churn by enhancing the subscriber experience. Hassle-free mobile authentication provides access to paid content without user ID or passwords.  Mobile subscribers gain instant access from social & other platforms without blocks. Read our White Paper.

Personalized Online Ads 

Averon's technology fuels targeted online advertising.  When user is authenticated on an online retail or news site, our technology enables content & ads to be personalized to preferences, improving engagement.

IoT/ Smart Vehicles/ Digital Locks

Averon's technology can be built into IoT items that require secure identity verification for access – such as digital locks for shared offices, homes and connected cars. Users can verify their identity from their mobile device.

FinTech & Blockchain

Our FinTech validation solutions eliminate fraudulent activity for credit cards

Our blockchain solutions integrate seamlessly for any blockchain-related transactions and validations


Averon streamlines and secures user and access management protocols for mission-critical applications and sensitive data, resulting in improved usability and a simplified path to meet and exceed government security standards

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